It was the summer of 1992 and my friend and I decided to produce the unofficial sequel to “Free Willy.” During one of the epic special effects sequences, my parents’ VHS camcorder fell into our above-ground pool and was immediately rendered useless. This was to be the first of a long string of broken video cameras and hard lessons learned in the production business.

My name is Matt Pallotta and I’ve always been a storyteller.

That’s what makes my company unique. A compelling story is not confined to a big screen feature film. Every company or organization, large or small, has a story to tell. From concept to completion, we use our skills and experience behind the camera to help you tell yours to prospective customers, partners, employees and consumers. How do we do that? I’ve been fortunate enough to assemble a group of talented minds with unique abilities who can help take your vision to the next level.

Whatever we need to shoot, wherever we need to travel, whatever resources we need to employ, we can help you tell your story effectively, efficiently, on time and within budget. And don’t worry, we’re open for pool-side shooting...we’ve got insurance on all our gear.



2017 was a BIG winner! The NRP Group brought us back in for their Recruitment Campaign with a goal of producing 3 engaging videos. Instead, we delivered the trifecta: 3 award-winning products. Go to the "Our Projects" page to see what the hype was all about!


Is your marketing plan, product or idea more cinematic? Are you looking for something that's closer to a film than a commercial? Look no further than our sister company, Red Duck Pictures. We love to think outside the box.